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   About Rory

Rory has established himself as a highly accomplished force within the fitness industry, obtaining recognition through the high calibre of his teachings both in group fitness and personal training.
He prides himself on his ability to maximise and unlock the unique potential of every individual he encounters. To see some of Rory's qualifications click here.

Following vigorous auditions and selection processes, he is proud to be an integral member of two of the most innovative and forward thinking brands in the sport and fitness industry Nike and Equinox. Through Nike Training Club (NTC) he has worked in conjunction with a number of world class athletes and presenters, and revels in the opportunity to inspire thousands of participants across the country with his infectious charisma and demeanour.
At Equinox, London he is a senior member of the instructor team and a source of inspiration for both members and other trainers alike. This prestigious position has provided Rory with a platform to reach out to key audiences, where his work has featured prominently in several media publications in the UK, and is obtaining an ever increasing level of international recognition. He is a master trainer for signature programme Shockwave (watch video) and is a Schwinn certified indoor cycle instructor.
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