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   What people say

"Rory Knight is one of the most renowned instructors and trainers in the UK fitness industry. Do a session with him just once, and you will see why! He is among the best of the best, and I never miss the chance to workout with him when I am in the UK!"
Jay Blahnik - IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the Year, Celebrity Trainer and Author

"Rory Knight is an instructor of the highest calibre and an essential member of my team, the consummate professional with every challenge I ask of him with the friendliest, most postitive approach to fitness - he is regarded by Equinox members as an ambassador of excellence and I believe that he is destined for great things both now and in the future."
John Shehan - Group Fitness Manager for Equinox UK

"Meeting Rory has changed my entire mindset when it comes to fitness. I've used several trainers in the past & have traditionally been lazy with my approach to training, but thanks to him my whole attitude to fitness and my general wellbeing has altered dramatically. His expert knowledge, great ability to devise a tailor made program and invaluable tips (best smoothie recipes!) are just a few of his many skills and qualities… not to mention, a session with Rory is always great fun!"
Eloise - Private Client

"Rory's classes are simply amazing. Through his teachings he has given me confidence in the way I move, the way I look and the way that I feel about myself. Physically I've dropped a dress size and have toned up significantly. I also managed to complete my first half marathon recently, so all in all cannot recommend Rory highly enough!"
Laura - Class Participant